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I Got Published in The Daily Breeze!

Early in my career, the Daily Breeze, a local paper in Torrance, California, published an article about Mrs Hughes the Housewife comic. It was on the cover of the local section above the fold on Sunday. Some children that lived down the block came to my door to get their copy autographed. I felt certain that everywhere I went people would recognize me. Monday morning I took extra care with my makeup, dressed nicer than I would normally and went to the grocery store. I think I looked at every item in the store, smiled at everyone and no one recognized me.

Next stop the mall. I ate lunch at an outdoor restaurant. This went on for several days when I finally gave up.

Six weeks later I was at the drug store when a woman looked at me and said, “You’re uh oh wait a minute I’ll get it…” Finally, I was recognized. I prompted her by saying, “Mrs Hughes”, she smiled and said, “That’s right, Mrs Hughes, you’re Julie Larson’s friend from the PTA.”

It was a lesson well learned, now whenever I get a little too famous in my own mind, I only have to remind myself that I am Julie Larsons friend from the PTA.


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