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I've Decided to Blog.

She's at it again.  The loving, humorous Grandma we all know and love has developed her own Blog and you can find it right here on the Mrs Hughes Official Website.  


You'll find witty bit's of humor, updates and stories from her tour schedule that continue to "tickle your funnybone".

I Love My Fans.

May, 2014 - I love my fans.  I just recently received some beautiful tulips from Jeremy and Melanie for Mother's Day.  Thanks guys!  I love them.  You're so sweet.

On the Road.  Doing My Thing.

May, 2014 - As some of you may know I am back on the road with some great new venues and getting to see all of my wonderful fans again.  


Make sure to check our Mrs. Hughes Facebook Page for more information or the Tour section of my website for details.  Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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