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The one and only.

Stand-up Comedian, Actress, Writer and Grandmother

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Mrs Hughes & You!

​Mrs Hughes & You!

Mrs Hughes is adding a vlog to her blog! Come enjoy the fun!

​Mrs Hughes Addresses Today's Youth!

Welcome to a brand new season of Laugh Out Loud! It's great to be back with you! September is a time of renewal. New radio season, television season, a new NHL season. Maybe. And of course - back to school.


Today on LOL, we salute teachers and parents and students with a familiar set from Mrs. Hughes, a never-before-heard set from Irwin Barker and Steve Brinder, who happens to be a teacher.



Friday 2/26/21 at 7PM online


Let Me Say This About That (LMSTAT) will feature Steve and guests from his vast and ever-growing circle of friends. As he describes it, LMSTAT will be “an interesting show with interesting guests from all walks of life.” Never one to hyperbolize about himself, “interesting” will surely not come close! Steve’s first guest is the fabulous Mrs Hughes!

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